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The Past, We Miss


The Past, We Miss is a body of work co-authored with my cousin Maisie. The concept investigates the past and present, exploring how our Granny’s house and surrounding areas provided us, whilst growing up, with such creative imaginations that allowed a distinct bond to develop. It has enabled us to be friends for life and not just cousins. We wanted to create work to thank our Granny and show our appreciation. Simultaneously, we wanted the audience to consider their own past places similarly and contact the people who provided those or revisit them; so they could also think that although a place may no longer be accessible, it is not entirely lost.


The sound and video represent the peaceful atmosphere we associate with the focal locations and operate cohesively to create an immersive experience for the viewer, taking them on a coherent, sentimental journey through our Granny’s house and surrounding areas.


The zines consist of different processes we used. The structured narrative was designed to compare past and present through visuals and written reflections, representing our relationship. Due to the ruggedness of some illustrations, a zine was the most appropriate format, emphasising the authenticity of the project. Placing Maisie’s recent fairy illustrations on separate pages gives her agency, presenting them as art in their own right.


We exhibited in Granny’s residential home, taking the work to her. This was fitting as our target audience were other elderly residents and their families; encouraging them to reflect on their past places, with the aim of making contact or revisiting them to appreciate they are not lost and can always be reminisced about. Six zines were made: three for myself, Maisie and Granny so we have something permanent and three spare for audience members. A resident took one, proving it was interesting to an outside audience. She said she might write a poem about it, so our creative work has led another creative. Audience members said they will discuss memories with their families, thus achieving our aim.

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Photos and video are shown below of the exhibition Maisie and I put on, on the 17th April 2018 at our Granny's residence home. To read more about the event, please visit my blog

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