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Now Tell Me 


Now Tell Me (NTM) is a platform I founded in 2020, dedicated to giving freelance and emerging writers on photography the freedom to write self-directed content. No brief or theme, just you and your ideas.

I ran an open call soon after launching the platform, to see who and what interest there would be to pitch and submit written work to be made into zines. Fortunately, this proved very successful!

After peer reviewing proposals and the full written works, NTM will be releasing three zines in total, to accommodate the space and appreciation of each writers’ (and often photographers’) works divided between each issue. 

Zine 1 is out now and can be viewed here on Issuu – happy reading!:

NTM Zine 1

Thank you to Christiane Monarchi (founder of Photomonitor) for her continued support and to all the wonderful writers and photographers who have contributed to the making of Zine 1.

Keep up to date with the platform, information about the zines or say hello to us on our Instagram:


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