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Now Tell Me is a platform I am currently developing, dedicated to giving freelance and emerging writers on photography the freedom to write self-directed content. No brief or theme, just you and your ideas.

The first open call finished, after running for a four-week period during 2020, starting on the 11th of November and finished on the 9th of December. 

The purpose of the open call was to retrieve interest and ideas for anyone who wanted to be part of the zine by writing for it, with the aim to provide the perfect opportunity to enhance portfolios and skills in writing about photography, except this time writers have total control about what they write, the style they write in and how many words. 

I am receiving mentorship from Christiane Monarchi, founder of Photomonitor, who is contributing to the development and editing of this platform; with the aim to receive Public Arts Funding at a later point to extend its online presence and to realise the work as both an online and in print zine.

We are receiving detailed proposals from those who took part in the open call and will be reviewing them in the New Year, before creating the first digital zine.

To keep up with everything that is going on regarding this platform, please follow the Instagram account:


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