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Living In Extension


The physical extension of Holly Houlton’s family home operates as a poetic allegory for the expansion of their lives. As the existing and important life alterations unravel, so does the truth of Houlton’s family heart-felt thoughts around this subject of change. The project involves Houlton’s immediate family – mother, father, brother and herself to uncover deeper beliefs of how they feel they are reacting to these adjustments. Living In Extension explores how these modifications affect their communications as a family and the atmospheres presented in their home.

The project investigates Houlton’s family relationships using both visual and oral collaborative methods. The snapshot aesthetic was employed to capture the everyday moments which are often lost in a typical family album; acting as a way to archive these turning points in their lives. Using 35mm colour film allowed Houlton to take ownership of the images and archive the negatives as physical items which cannot be deleted.

Investigating themes of intimacy and relationships, the photobook composed of direct quotes from Houlton’s family and thirty-two different photographs offers an immersive visual narrative. It provides the reader with the suggestion: although family changes and relocations can be difficult, often they are positive and healthy transformations for us to experience as human beings.

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